Save big when you purchase our deep cleaning promotion that we are offering with our partners at Groupon. Please call us at (800) 217-3938 if you would like to book or redeem your 2 hour deep cleaning. If you would like to book or redeem your 3 hour move in/out cleaning,  please call us at (800) 217-3938 as this cannot be booked online. This offer is valid 1 per visit per household and a max of 2 per person. You can add any additional services and or additional hours of your choice for a customized Revamp Cleaning experience. We look forward to revamping your home. 

Note: Additional fees may be added such as a pet hair/fee, extra scrubbing/dirty fee, traveling fee if we have to travel more than 20 miles from zip code 28214, post construction cleanup fee, and more.

Note: The Cleaning Checklists for the groupon specials can be found at the bottom of this page. Please also read our terms and conditions before booking an appointment with us.

Two Hours of Deep Cleaning include tasks:


Free Base Board cleaning for up to 2 Bathrooms**

—additional rooms can be added for an upcharge

Clean inside of the tub/shower combo piece

**Standalone shower/walk in showers with glass doors and or grout cleaning is an additional fee**

Sweep or vacuum floor

Mop floor

Clean interior of toilet

Clean exterior of the toilet

Empty trash

Clean bathroom mirror

Wipe down light switch

Dust light fixture

Clean sink and countertop


Vacuum or sweep/mop floor

Dust reachable blinds and ceiling fans

Mop floor

Wipe down light switch

Empty small trash can

Wipe down headboard

Dust dresser

Wipe down night stand

*making beds not included


Sweep or vacuum floor

Dust entertainment center

Wipe down coffee tables

Sanitize all light switches

Vacuum hallway

**Stairs not included

Mop floor

Dust coffee table/end tables

Dust reachable bookshelves

Dust all reachable light fixtures and ceiling fans

Sanitize the handle on all sliding doors

Wipe down the table legs of all stands 


Sweep or vacuum floor

Wipe down desk

Dust monitors or tvs

Empty trash

Wipe down light switches

Sanitize door knobs

Dust furniture and light fixtures


Wipe down outside of the refrigerator and freezer

Wipe down exterior of dishwasher

Wipe down exterior of oven

Wipe down exterior of microwave

Clean stovetop

Wipe down kitchen table

Dust window blinds

Sweep & Mop Floor

Sanitize light switch plate

Wipe down the kitchen sink (if empty of no dishes) and countertops

**cabinets not included but can be added

*washing dishes not included

****Additional add-ons, rooms and time can be added for purchase.

Three Man Hours Move In/Out Deep Cleaning (home needs to be empty of personal belongings and furniture) and include tasks:


Clean and sanitize the interior of the sink

Clean and sanitize the exterior of the sink

Wipe down and clean interior and exterior of bathroom toilette

Sweep or Vacuum bathroom floor

Mop bathroom floor

Sanitize door knobs and light switches

Dust light fixtures

Clean bathroom mirror

Clean the interior of bathroom cabinets/drawers

Clean and sanitize under bathroom sink

Clean and sanitize outside of tub/shower

Clean and sanitize inside of tub/shower

Wet wipe baseboards



Wipe down and sanitize countertop

Sweep Or Vacuum Floor

Mop Floor

Wipe down interior/exterior of dishwasher

Wipe down the exterior of the fridge and freezer

Clean inside of fridge and freezer

Wipe down & sanitize oven exterior

Clean inside of oven

Wipe down & sanitize exterior of microwave

Clean inside of microwave

Glass clean reachable windows and wipe down window sills

Wet wipe kitchen baseboards

Dust Kitchen Blinds

Clean Interior of kitchen pantry

Clean interior and exterior of kitchen cabinets

Clean interior and exterior of kitchen drawers

Clean and sanitize the kitchen sink

**Note: we do not clean walls

Customize your cleaning by adding on additional tasks (this will be for an additional fee + it will add on additional time)


1. grout cleaning in shower with hardwater stain removal from glass doors and up to 3 faucets $35 (+45 mins)

2. walk in shower with glass door cleaning + hardwater stain removal from glass doors and up to 3 faucets $25 (+30 mins)

3. wet wipe front and back doors throughout home (price depends on number of doors needed)

4. or simply add additional time for $75 per man power hour in order to complete other tasks throughout the home such as wet wipe baseboards, sweep/mop/vacuum floors, staircase, wipe down washer and dryer, glass clean reachable windows and clean window sills, dust blinds/light fixtures/ceiling fans, wipe down closest shelves, sanitize door knobs and light switches, clean additional bathrooms, clean bedrooms and other rooms.